Why Buy at Plantation Park?


Why should you buy a condo at Plantation Park in Orlando?






When dealing with real estate every expert will tell you location is number one. Plantation Park is located in the “Little Lake Bryan Subdivision” which in turn is owned by the “Celebration Corporation” which is owned by Disney. You absolutely can’t protect your investment any better than that. Marriott Hotels also thought it was a wise decision, so they built the multi-million dollar Marriott Village directly across the street from Plantation Park. Not to mention all of the up-scale national restaurant chains, (just to name a few; Bahama Breeze, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Longhorn Steakhouse, Landry's Seafood, and many more) that are also located in Little Lake Bryan.


What does this mean to you? You will never see the area get rundown. Disney always has and always will protect their investments and it's name. Take a look at the beautiful condos by the upscale Millennial Mall or the once high-end Metro West area. They are now almost all plagued with high crime and the property values crashed and are now stagnant. Another hit or miss area is Kissimmee. You can have a great place and right next door there always seems to be some dumpy rundown or vacant business. we're not saying all areas are bad, we're just saying Plantation Park can’t be beat if you're looking to protect your investment for the long run. At Plantation Park you can safely walk to just about anything if you want to. We have over 72 restaurants, the Premier Outlet Stores and even Downtown Disney within walking distance. In less than 10 minutes you can drive to some of the best golf courses in the country; Grand Cypress, Disney’s 4 Golf Courses, Faldo’s training center and the top rated Grande Pines to name a few.



Financial Strength


Other than location, a Community's HOA (Home Owners Association) financial condition should be on the very top of your list. If you are new to buying a condo or don’t know how it all works this is very important to you. Condo communities rely on all the owners sharing in the financial burden to maintain the buildings and common areas by paying HOA dues. (The more correct term is COA for condos, but most just says HOA)


When the market crashed a few years ago and people were foreclosed on or walked away or just didn’t have the money to pay HOA dues most condo communities suffered and most still are hurting financially. When people default and don’t pay the burden falls on the remaining owners so HOA dues skyrocket because things always need to be fixed or maintained like gyms, pools, lawns etc. If a community is in bad shape chances are you won’t know about it until it’s too late and you just bought into their debt. Unless you specifically ask the correct questions no one will tell you. The vast majority of condo communities are in bad shape. This means if you buy a condo and shortly after you find out all the roofs (or something else) needs to be replaced and the HOA did not diligently save up the money you will be hit with a “Special Assessment” and have to come up with the cash because you are now an owner and you are liable to pay. Just like other communities we also had a high amount of foreclosures. Our units sold for between $200,000+ to $400,000+ not too many years ago. Fortunately we have a good HOA Board and a proactive management company which helped us thrive through hard times. We are in great financial shape and our property is in pristine condition. In just the last 12 months we have replaced the roofs and painted/repaired trim/gutters on all 13 buildings. We did this with all cash, no financing and NO special assessments, that alone cost more than 1 million dollars. We also seal-coated all the roads, re-surfaced the tennis court, bought new pieces of fitness equipment, paid for our Termite Bond, purchased new heaters for the Spa & Pool and installed a security camera system along with many other items. We also have fully funded our reserve account for any future major repairs. This means when you buy at Plantation Park someone else has already paid for all those major items and you won’t need to worry about any special assessments.





Plantation Park has a nice Clubhouse, Gym and Pool area, the whole complex has a vacation resort type feel to it. The sidewalks are tree lined and it feels like you are in a park more than a condo community. As you walk you smell the nice aroma from the adjacent restaurants so you feel like you’re always on vacation. Check out some other communities and they look and feel like an apartment complex with lots of blacktop and big parking lots.


Our original sales brochure says it best:


Discover the joy of residing someplace that is everything you’ve ever wanted and that makes you feel completely at home. Plantation offers you exactly that opportunity and much more. This picturesque neighborhood at Little Lake Bryan is comprised of thirteen handsomely designed buildings – each providing residents with homes they can be proud of. Enjoy a tranquil sense of sanctuary while experiencing a unique atmosphere of community as well. Beautiful Magnolia trees, Jasmines and other carefully selected foliage create a distinctly different ambiance then those of other Floridian residential developments. At Plantation Park, you just naturally get the feeling that you belong. So, settle in and let your new life unfold into a brand new perspective… one that reflects confidence, security, quality and comfort.


Nestled amongst a beautifully landscaped private campus, Plantation Park is ideally located within the Golden Triangle - formed by Disney World®, Universal Studios® and SeaWorld®. Residents will be delighted to find an incredibly dynamic array of dining, nightlife and entertainment options all just minutes away. Plantation Park is also surrounded by a host of exceptional golf courses, as well as the Faldo Institute. Shopping enthusiasts will appreciate the convenience of the Orlando Premium Outlet Mall of distinctive, high-end retailers that you can actually walk to. Easy access to Interstate 4 and other highways, in addition to the many nearby personal service establishments puts Plantation Park and you right in the heart of it all.


With today’s hectic lifestyles, we’re all looking for a place to feel comfortable, safe and sound. Plantation Park offers innovative and stylish one, two and three bedroom homes thoughtfully designed to enhance your living experience. Spacious and smart floorplans feature built-in entertainment centers, ceiling fans, a microwave, full size washer and dryers, intrusion alarms and nine-foot ceilings with crown molding. Also available in select homes are fireplaces, garden tubs and vaulted ceilings. Enclosed solariums or private screened patios provide the perfect spot to unwind from the trials of the day. Whether spending quiet time alone or entertaining friends, you’re Plantation Park home is a welcomed retreat that makes you feel at ease.